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LAMPseq innovates high-throughput genetic pathogen testing

In the first step, pathogen nucleic acids are released through a single lysis step. This saves time and costs for an additional purification procedure. Subsequently, the target region undergoes amplification via Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP).

The LAMPseq technology introduces an innovative approach to genetic pathogen detection, offering a high-throughput solution that combines isothermal amplification with next-generation sequencing.

The LAMP method employs a specialized DNA polymerase alongside a set of six primers per target region and enables sensitive and specific amplification of the target sequence. This reaction proceeds isothermally due to the strand displacement activity of the DNA polymerase. Originally developed for the detection of SARS-CoV-2, the addition of a multiplexing system to the protocol enables the detection of multiple pathogens in one reaction set.

The LAMPseq technology uses primers tagged with unique molecular barcodes that are incorporated into the LAMP reaction product upon amplification of the target region. In high-throughput mode, a library of LAMP products is generated and sequenced using next-generation sequencing (NGS). Molecular barcode sequencing allows reliable identification of individual samples from a pool of thousands.

The LAMPseq software guides through the lab procedure, analyzes the sequencing data, and generates test results that provide information on pathogen status.

The sensitivity of the LAMPseq technology is comparable to quantitative PCR (qPCR) and additionally provides important sequence information, such as information about pathogen variants and resistance-mediating mutations.

In the future, LAMPseq technology has the potential to be used in liquid biopsy applications. Its high sensitivity is being explored for detecting circulating tumor cells and cell-free DNA in blood, enabling early cancer detection and metastasis risk prediction through blood samples.

LAMPseq optimizes throughput at lowest equipment, space and personnel costs.


Samples undergo several process steps in the laboratory: lysis, liquid transfer, LAMP reaction, quantification, sequencing, analysis and result submission.

Time and staff expenditure

Two technical assistants perform the entire process from lysis to sequencing within one working day. Sequencing is performed overnight, so results are available the following day.


As a high-throughput method, LAMPseq technology offers attractive pricing. Profit margins increase with sample volume. Low equipment, space and personnel costs minimize the required start-up capital.

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Die LAMPseq Diagnostics GmbH Bildmarke ist ein orangenes Q, welches aussieht wie eine Lupe

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